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Titles Include:

***Best Dystopian 2024***
  1. A Better World (Sarah Langan)
  2. A City Dreaming (Polansky Daniel)
  3. A Drink Before We Die (Daniel Polansky)
  4. A Perfectly Good Family (Lionel Shriver)
  5. A Stranger in Olondria (Sofia Samatar)
  6. Abominations: Selected Essays from a Career of Courting Self-Destruction (Lionel Shriver)
  7. All the Hometowns You Can't Stay Away From (Izzy Wasserstein)
  8. Antimatter Blues (Edward Ashton)
  9. Baby Teeth (Daniel Polansky)
  10. Baby X (Kira Peikoff)
  11. Big Brother (Lionel Shriver)
  12. Birds of Paradise (Oliver K. Langmead)
  13. Booked For Murder (Lily Spark, Donna Doyle)
  14. Calypso (Oliver K. Langmead)
  15. Checker and the Derailleurs (Lionel Shriver)
  16. Cornish Horrors: Tales from the Land's End (Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Bram Stoker etc.)
  17. Earthflown (Frances Wren)
  18. Enhanced (Candace Kade)
  19. Futures Fantasies (John Joseph Adams, Adam-Troy Castro, Jeremiah Tolbert etc.)
  20. Gearbreakers (Zoe Hana Mikuta)
  21. Generation One (Elizabeth Stephens)
  22. Glitterati (Oliver K. Langmead)
  23. Godslayers (Zoe Hana Mikuta)
  24. Hearts Still Beating (Brooke Archer)
  25. How Long 'til Black Future Month? (N.K. Jemisin)
  26. Hybrid (Candace Kade)
  27. I Cheerfully Refuse (Leif Enger)
  28. Living Proof (Kira Peikof)
  29. Lord of Population (Elizabeth Stephens)
  30. Low Town: The Straight Razor Cure (Daniel Polansky)
  31. Mal Goes to War (Edward Ashton)
  32. Mania (Lionel Shriver)
  33. March’s End (Daniel Polansky)
  34. Meat + drink (Daniel Polansky)
  35. Metronome (Oliver Langmead)
  36. Mickey 7 (Edward Ashton)
  37. Monster in the Oasis (Elizabeth Stephens)
  38. Monster Portraits (Sofia Samatar)
  39. Mother Knows Best (Kira Peikoff)
  40. No Time to Die (Kira Peikoff)
  41. Off with Their Heads (Zoe Hana Mikuta)
  42. Ordinary Decent Criminals (Lionel Shriver)
  43. Peace Like a River (Leif Enger)
  44. Selkie Stories Are for Losers (Sofia Samatar)
  45. Shadowlands Omega (Elizabeth Stephens)
  46. She Who Waits (Daniel Polansky)
  47. Should We Stay or Should We Go (Lionel Shriver)
  48. So Brave, Young, and Handsome (Leif Enger)
  49. Summer of Reckoning (Marion Brunet)
  50. Sympathy for the Devil (Tim Pratt)
  51. Taken by the Pikosa Warlord (Elizabeth Stephens)
  52. Taken to Heimo (Elizabeth Stephens)
  53. Taken to Kor (Elizabeth Stephens)
  54. Taken to Lemora (Elizabeth Stephens)
  55. Taken to Nobu (Elizabeth Stephens)
  56. Taken to Sasor (Elizabeth Stephens)
  57. Teen Killers At Large (Lily Sparks)
  58. Teen Killers Club (Lily Sparks)
  59. Teen Killers in Love (Lily Sparks)
  60. Tender Stories (Sofia Samatar)
  61. The Arc (Ben Oliver)
  62. The Block (Ben Oliver)
  63. The Bone Season (Samantha Shannon)
  64. The Book Censor’s Library (Bothayna Al-Essa)
  65. The Builders (Daniel Polansky)
  66. The End of Ordinary (Edward Ashton)
  67. The Female of the Species (Lionel Shriver)
  68. The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)
  69. The Hunger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins)
  70. The Kill Factor (Ben Oliver)
  71. The King Must Fall (Adrian Collins, Mike Myers, Sarah Chorn etc.)
  72. The Last Murder at the End of the World (Stuart Turton)
  73. The Library Book (Rebecca Gray, James Brown, Alan Bennett etc.)
  74. The Loop (Ben Oliver)
  75. The Mask Falling (Samantha Shannon)
  76. The Merciless King of Moore High (Lily Sparks)
  77. The Mime Order (Samantha Shannon)
  78. The New Republic (Lionel Shriver)
  79. The New Voices of Fantasy (Peter S. Beagle, Jacob Weisman, Alyssa Wong etc.)
  80. The Post-Birthday World (Lionel Shriver)
  81. The Practice, the Horizon, and the Chain (Sofia Samatar)
  82. The Seventh Perfection (Daniel Polansky)
  83. The Siege of Burning Grass (Premee Mohamed)
  84. The Standing Chandelier (Lionel Shriver)
  85. The Vietnam War (Daniel Polansky)
  86. The White Mosque (Sofia Samatar)
  87. The Winged Histories (Sofia Samatar)
  88. These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart (Izzy Wasserstein)
  89. Those Above (Daniel Polansky)
  90. Those Below (Daniel Polansky)
  91. Three Days in April (Edward Ashton)
  92. Tomorrow, the Killing (Daniel Polansky)
  93. Tomorrow’s Children (Daniel Polansky)
  94. Tone (Sofia Samatar, Kate Zambreno)
  95. Virgil Wander (Leif Enger)
  96. War Spies (Daniel Polansky)
***Best Dystopian All-Time***  
  1. 1985 (Anthony Burgess)
  2. Alien Arcana (Glynn Stewart)
  3. Apex (Naam Ramez)
  4. As Our World Ends (Jack Hunt)
  5. Birthmarked (Caragh M. O'Brien)
  6. Brave New Worlds (John Joseph Adams, Cory Doctorow, Paolo Bacigalupi)
  7. Children of Dune (Frank Herbert)
  8. China Dream (Ma Jian)
  9. Days of Panic (Jack Hunt)
  10. Delirium (Lauren Oliver)
  11. Dying to Love (Reese Rivers)
  12. Emergency Skin (N.K. Jemisin)
  13. End Days Super Boxset (Roger Hayden)
  14. Endless (Crystal Ash)
  15. Epic Apocalypse: Apocalyptic Horror Box Set (Mark Tufo, John O'Brien, Shawn Chesser etc.)
  16. Fear (Michael Grant)
  17. Fearless (Crystal Ash)
  18. Foundation’s Edge (Isaac Asimov) 
  19. Four: A Divergent Collection (Veronica Roth)
  20. Gathering Blue (Lois Lowry)
  21. Gone (Michael Grant)
  22. Helpless (Crystal Ash)
  23. Hero (Michael Grant)
  24. Insurgent (Veronica Roth)
  25. Maze Runner Series The Scorch Trials, The kill Order, The Death Cure (Dashner James)
  26. Merciless (Crystal Ash)
  27. Messenger (Lois Lowry)
  28. Monster (Michael Grant)
  29. Only Ever Yours (Louise O’Neill)
  30. Painless (Crystal Ash)
  31. Pandemonium (Lauren Oliver)
  32. Plague (Michael Grant)
  33. Reached (Ally Condie)
  34. Reboot (Amy Tintera)
  35. Sand (Hugh Howey)
  36. Senseless (Crystal Ash)
  37. Sleep Donation (Karen Russell)
  38. State of Decay (Jack Hunt)
  39. The Book of Joan (Lidia Yuknavitch)
  40. The Children of Men (P.D. James)
  41. The Epidemic (Suzanne Young)
  42. The Event (Nathan Hystad)
  43. The Fifth Season (N.K. Jemisin)
  44. The Glass Hammer (K.W. Jeter)
  45. The Last Survivors (Bobby Adair)
  46. The Last Town (Blake Crouch)
  47. The Last War (Ryan Schow)
  48. The Memory Police (Yoko Ogawa)
  49. The New Hunger (Isaac Marion)
  50. The Revolution of Ivy (Amy Engel)
  51. The Trials of Koli (M.R. Carey)
  52. Theirs to Protect (Stasia Black)
  53. Villain (Michael Grant)
  54. Warcross (Lu Marie)
  55. Wayward (Blake Crouch)
  56. When She Woke (Hillary Jordan)
  57. Wildcard (Marie Lu)

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