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Live Deal: BESTSELLER Pack SEVEN: 2,095 books!

We're back with a brand new SEVENTH Bestseller pack! This is again one of the most incredible book bargains ever offered. You're going to get another 37 incredible book collections featuring the bestselling authors of all time at $0.02 per book! 

In all, you will receive 2,095 titles for a mere $49usd. Assume each title costs as little as $5 from other sellers, this collection would cost  $10,475. Even at 50 cents (which is unheard of for these books), this collection would cost over $1,000. Here it's only $49.

All these bestselling titles will be available for immediate download after your purchase (these are electronic books, we do not ship physical books). Each book is yours the PDF, ePub and Kindle formats so whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle or whichever device you'll have a format that works well. And if you ever change devices, you'll already have compatible formats, so no need to repurchase any of the books within this collection.

These bestsellers are yours to keep forever (not for commercial resale obviously). No catch, no strings, no gimmicks. Just an incredible deal!

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Here are all 37 Collections included:
  • 40 Best Spy Novels Of All Time: 40 titles
  • 70 Amazon 2022 best sellers: 50 titles
  • 78 Books That Should Be Made Into A Movie: 78 titles
  • 2022 Bestsellers on Politics: 50 titles
  • 2022 Top Non-Fiction Q1: 47 titles
  • Amazon 2021 Top Sex & Erotica Books: 90 titles
  • Best Roman Historical Fiction: 51 titles
  • Best Time & Best Space Travel Books40 Best Spy Novels Of All Time: 94 titles
  • Best New History Books To Read In 2022: 36 titles
  • Best New Mysteries + Unsolved Mysteries: 94 titles
  • Brad Thor: 27 titles
  • Corman Mccarthy, Fonda Lee & Joe Abercrombie: 35 titles
  • Cynthia Harrod Eagles, Katherine Kerr, Sara Douglas, Trudy Canavan: 101 titles
  • Frederick Forsyth + Marc Cameron: 37 titles
  • GoodReads 2022 Bestsellers March: 45 titles
  • GoodReads Best Sellers 2021 to May 2022: 60 titles
  • Holly Black: 42 titles
  • Great Books on Consciousness, Death, and the Afterlife: 50 titles
  • Jo Nesbo: 26 titles
  • Louise Penny: 20 titles
  • Macmillan Best Crime 2022 Thrillers: 50 titles
  • Mark Greaney: 31 titles
  • Most Exciting New Authors 2022: 47 titles
  • Nancy Drew: 100 titles
  • NYT Bestsellers Q1 2022: 30 titles
  • NYT Favorite New Fiction Writers 2022: 36 titles
  • NYT True Crime: 51 titles
  • Oprah´s Best Spring 2022 Books: 30 titles
  • Q1 2022 Bestsellers Macmillan NDP Esquire: 63 titles
  • Rick Riordan, Richelle Mead, Cassandra Clare: 134 titles
  • Spring´s Most Awaited Mysteries And Thrillers 2022: 60 titles
  • Spring's Best Sci-Fi Books: 60 titles
  • Tom Clancy + War Books 2022: 125 titles
  • Top 3 New Suspense Writers: 32 titles
  • E. B. Griffin: 58 titles
  • William Gibson & Claudia Gray: 58 titles
  • WWII Historical Fiction: 57 titles

Titles Include:

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  • Google Drive is where the books are stored
  • All books come in PDF, ePub  & Kindle formats.
  • You should get redirected to the download page right after purchase. If you do not, simply hit the CONTACT US  link at the bottom of this page and we will promptly respond with the download info!
  • Once you get your download link, please bookmark it or download the collections for safe storage.
  • Enjoy!

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