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Titles Include:

***NEW titles included***
  1. 5 Minutes to Die (R.J. Patterson)
  2. A Dangerous Game (Leila Starling)
  3. A Marriage of Lies (Amanda McKinney)
  4. A True Crime (Charlotte Barnes)
  5. America's Last Chance (Alice Longo)
  6. Battle Crow (Kim Petersen)
  7. Black Cordite, White Snow (Nate Granzow)
  8. Bloodlands (Mark Dawson)
  9. Can’t Escape (Kate Bold)
  10. Colonist Soldier Omnibus (Tyler Bowman & Dan Raxor)
  11. Cruel Chaos (Kellee L. Greene)
  12. Deliver Us From the Evil One (Jack Bohannon)
  13. Don’t Let Her Go (Willow Rose)
  14. Forsaken Assassin (Jonathan Yanez)
  15. Girl Who Is Hunted (Georgia Wagner)
  16. Gray After Dark (Noelle W. Ihli)
  17. Her Daughter-in-Law (Anya Mora)
  18. His Pawn (Mara Morgan)
  19. I Know Your Secret (J.M. O’Rourke)
  20. If I Go Missing (Leslie Wolfe)
  21. Jack Daniels Series - Three Thriller Novels (J.A. Konrath)
  22. London Assault: A Sam Raven Thriller (Brian Drake)
  23. Long Dead Road (Andy Conway,  Jack Turner)
  24. Lost Target: A Travis Bishop Thriller (KJ Kalis)
  25. Mission Churchill (Alex Abella)
  26. Mother and Daughter (James Caine)
  27. My Husband’s Affair (Ruth Heald)
  28. Near Future Box Set 1: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller Series (Randal Sloan)
  29. Nowhere to Run (N.J. Moss)
  30. Obsession (Harleigh Beck)
  31. On a Quiet Street (Carla Kovach)
  32. Pieces of the Past (G.P. Schumacher)
  33. Politician (Ian D. Feldman)
  34. Replaced (Nolon King, Lauren Street)
  35. Run For Your Life (Philip Anthony Smith)
  36. Shadow Operative (Sam Cogley)
  37. The Au Pair (Jane Renshaw)
  38. The Baby Monitor (Rosie Walker)
  39. The Fall (Lou Eade)
  40. The Girl in the Painting (Caleb Crowe)
  41. The Girl on the News (Elisabeth Carpenter)
  42. The Godchild (Miranda Rijks)
  43. The Inheritance (Kevin Lynch)
  44. The Lone Safehouse (Colton Lively)
  45. The Mistake (B.R. Blinde)
  46. The No Survivors Rule (Ethan Lake)
  47. The Perfect Housemate (Lorna Dounaeva)
  48. The Perfect Nanny (Shari J. Ryan)
  49. The Playgroup (Leah Mercer)
  50. The Private Tutor (AJ Carter)
  51. The Solar Tsunami (David A. Simpson)
  52. The Sunrise Raiders (D.R. Bailey)
  53. The Teacher (Tim Sullivan)
  54. The Ties That Bind (M.R. Armitage)
  55. The Widow Bride (Carey Baldwin)
  56. The Wife’s Secret (Debra Lynch)
  57. The Woman Beneath the Stairs (Christopher Greyson)
  58. Vampire Protection (Nikki Grey)
  59. Veil Of Night: Jessie Night Thriller Book Three (Ember Scott)
  60. Whisper Island: Psychological Thriller Suspense (N F Webber)
  61. You Can Run (L.C. George)
  62. You’ll be Gone (Ava Strong)
  ***Previous titles included***  
  1. A Death In The Afternoon (David F. Berens, Kimberly Griggs)
  2. A Farewell To Murder (David F. Berens, Kimberly Griggs)
  3. Atlantis Storm (Steven Moore, David F Berens)
  4. Back Roads & Hat Check (David F. Berens)
  5. Beirut Hurt (David F. Berens)
  6. Capitol Break (David F. Berens)
  7. Close to the Bones (Martha Carr, David Berens, Ethan Jones etc.)
  8. Dark Wave (David F. Berens)
  9. Diners, Dives and Dirty Deeds (David F. Berens)
  10. El Dorado Gold (David F. Berens, Steven Moore)
  11. Finding Prosperity (Cherie Mitchell, David F. Berens)
  12. Gator Wave (David F. Berens)
  13. Goats, Boats and Killer Cutthroats (David F. Berens)
  14. Hat Check (David F. Berens)
  15. Havana Fury (David F. Berens, Steven Moore)
  16. Havana Nights (David F. Berens)
  17. Hemingway Found (David F. Berens, Steven Moore)
  18. Her Lost Alibi (David F. Berens, Craig A. Hart)
  19. Into the Silence (David F. Berens, Tom Fowler, Dwayne Gill)
  20. Knuckle Bones (David F. Berens)
  21. Rogue Enemy: A Chris Collins CIA Thriller (David F. Berens)
  22. Rogue Wave (David F. Berens)
  23. Ryan Bodean Box Set 0-3 (Steven Moore, David F. Berens)
  24. Sahara Dawn (David F. Berens, John Hopton)
  25. Shanghai Crossfire (David F. Berens, John Hopton)
  26. Shark Wave (David F. Berens)
  27. Skull Wave (David F. Berens)
  28. Temple of the Snake (David F. Berens, Nick Thacker)
  29. The Chris Collins CIA Thriller Collection Vol. 1 (David F. Berens, John Hopton)
  30. The Complete Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Collection (David F. Berens)
  31. The Prosperity Files Books 1-3 (David F. Berens)
  32. The Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Series: Books 1-3 (David F. Berens)
  33. Tidal Wave (David F. Berens)
  34. Troy Bodean Omnibus: Books 1-8 (David F. Berens)
  35. Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Box Set 4-6 (David F. Berens)
  36. Aberration (Lisa Regan)
  37. Amazing Observation Puzzles (Lisa Regan)
  38. Animal Riddles (Lisa Regan)
  39. Breathe Your Last (Lisa Regan)
  40. Clever Calculation Puzzles (Lisa Regan, William C. Potter)
  41. Close Her Eyes (Lisa Regan)
  42. Cold-Blooded (Lisa Regan)
  43. Continents (Lisa Regan)
  44. Disasters (Lisa Regan)
  45. Drop Dead Crime: Mystery and Suspense from the Leading Ladies of Murder (Lisa Regan, Leslie Wolfe, Colleen Helme etc.)
  46. Face Her Fear (Lisa Regan)
  47. Find Her Alive (Lisa Regan)
  48. Finding Claire Fletcher (Lisa Regan)
  49. Her Deadly Touch (Lisa Regan)
  50. Her Mother’s Grave (Lisa Regan)
  51. Her Silent Cry (Lisa Regan)
  52. Hold Still (Lisa Regan)
  53. Hush Little Girl (Lisa Regan)
  54. Kill For You (Lisa Regan)
  55. Local Girl Missing (Lisa Regan)
  56. Losing Leah Holloway (Lisa Regan)
  57. My Child is Missing (Lisa Regan)
  58. Over The Edge (Lisa Regan)
  59. Problem-Solving Puzzles (Lisa Regan, William C. Potter)
  60. Save Her Soul (Lisa Regan)
  61. The Big Book of Riddles (Lisa Regan)
  62. The Drowning Girls (Lisa Regan)
  63. The Fantastically Funny Joke Book (Lisa Regan)
  64. The Girl With No Name (Lisa Regan)
  65. The Innocent Wife (Lisa Regan)
  66. Underwater Riddles (Lisa Regan)
  67. Vanishing Girls (Lisa Regan)
  68. Watch Her Disappear (Lisa Regan)
  69. All The Good Girls (Willow Rose)
  70. Black Jack (Willow Rose)
  71. Don’t Lie to Me (Willow Rose)
  72. Eleven, Twelve … Dig and Delve (Willow Rose)
  73. Emma Frost Mystery Series: Vol 1-3 (Willow Rose)
  74. Emma Frost Mystery Series: Vol 4-6 (Willow Rose)
  75. Emma Frost Mystery Series: Vol 7-9 (Willow Rose)
  76. Her Final Word (Willow Rose)
  77. It’s Not Over (Willow Rose)
  78. Jack Ryder Mystery Series: Vol 1-3 (Willow Rose)
  79. Let Me Go (Willow Rose)
  80. Never Ever (Willow Rose)
  81. No Other Way (Willow Rose)
  82. Not Dead Yet (Willow Rose)
  83. One, Two … He Is Coming For You (Willow Rose)
  84. Run Girl Run (Willow Rose)
  85. Say You Love Me (Willow Rose)
  86. Such a Good Girl (Willow Rose)
  87. The Afterlife Series Box Set (Willow Rose)
  88. Thirteen, Fourteen … Little boy unseen (Willow Rose)
  89. To Die For (Willow Rose)
  90. What You Did (Willow Rose)
  91. Brain Damage (Freida McFadden)
  92. Do Not Disturb (Freida McFadden)
  93. Do You Remember (Freida McFadden)
  94. Never Lie (Freida McFadden)
  95. One By One (Freida McFadden)
  96. Suicide Med (Freida McFadden)
  97. The Devil Wears Scrubs (Freida McFadden)
  98. The Devil You Know (Freida McFadden)
  99. The Ex (Freida McFadden)
  100. The Gift (Freida McFadden)
  101. The Housemaid (Freida McFadden)
  102. The Inmate (Freida McFadden)
  103. The Locked Door (Freida McFadden)
  104. The Perfect Son (Freida McFadden)
  105. The Psyching (Freida McFadden)
  106. The Surrogate Mother (Freida McFadden)
  107. The Teacher (Freida McFadden)
  108. The Wife Upstairs (Freida McFadden)
  109. Want to Know a Secret (Freida McFadden)
  110. Ward D (Freida McFadden)
  111. All Your Secrets (Jane Holland)
  112. Forget Her Name (Jane Holland)
  113. Girl Number One (Jane Holland)
  114. Her Convenient Vow to the Billionaire (Jane Holland)
  115. Keep Me Close (Jane Holland)
  116. Kissing the Pink (Jane Holland)
  117. Last Bird Singing (Jane Holland)
  118. Lock the Door (Jane Holland)
  119. The Hive (Jane Holland)
  120. The Part of Death (Jane Holland)
  121. The Silver Ring (Jane Holland)
  122. The Tenth House Murders (Jane Holland)
  123. The Village (Jane Holland)
  124. Under An Evil Star (Jane Holland)
  125. Blister (K.J. Kalis)
  126. Corrupt Identity: A Kat Beckman Thriller (K.J. Kalis)
  127. Deep Deceit (K.J. Kalis)
  128. Fatal Faith (K.J. Kalis)
  129. Five Cold Bodies (K.J. Kalis)
  130. Four Cold Months (K.J. Kalis)
  131. Lakeview Vendetta (K. J. Kalis)
  132. Never Call Home (K.J. Kalis)
  133. One Cold Heart (K.J. Kalis)
  134. Sauk Valley Killer (K.J. Kalis)
  135. Soon to Be Mine (K.J. Kalis)
  136. The Blackout (K.J. Kalis)
  137. The Bloody Canvas (K.J. Kalis)
  138. The Kat Beckman Thriller Series: Volumes 1-3 (K.J. Kalis)
  139. The Killing Graves: A Detective Emily Tizzano Vigilante Justice Thriller (K.J. Kalis)
  140. The Moscow Brief (K.J. Kalis)
  141. The Patriarch Code: A Jess Montgomery Thriller (K.J. Kalis)
  142. The Project: A Kat Beckman Thriller (K.J. Kalis)
  143. The Trident Conspiracy (K.J. Kalis)
  144. The Vault: A Detective Morgan Foster Thriller (K.J. Kalis)
  145. Twelve Years Gone (K.J. Kalis)
  146. Victim 14 (K.J. Kalis)
  147. West End Justice (K.J. Kalis)
  148. Beach Escape (Michael Merson)
  149. Heartbeats of a Killer (Michael Merson)
  150. Key Getaway (Michael Merson)
  151. Mountain Retreat (Michael Merson)
  152. The Secrets of Taylor Creek (Michael Merson)
  153. Beasts of a Little Land (Juhea Kim)
  154. Beneath His Hands (Patricia Elliott)
  155. Days of Long Shadows (Tim Franks)
  156. Days of Want Series: Books 1 7 (T.L. Payne)
  157. Dead to Me (Stephen Edger)
  158. Deadly Solution: A Maeve Malloy Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  159. Defiance (T.L. Payne)
  160. Déjà Vu (Stephen Edger)
  161. Diva’s Last Curtain Call (Angela Henry)
  162. Doing It To Death: A Kendra Clayton Mystery (Angela Henry)
  163. Endure the Dark (T.L. Payne)
  164. Escape the Destruction (T.L. Payne)
  165. Evade the Ruthless (T.L. Payne)
  166. Forgotten Secret: A Psychological Suspense Thriller (S.F. Baumgartner)
  167. Foxholes (Travis Tougaw)
  168. Fracture: An Apocalyptic Thriller (Ian D. Feldman)
  169. Ghost Forest (Pik-Shuen Fung)
  170. Hell and High Water: A Maeve Malloy Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  171. Hemlock Needle: A Maeve Malloy Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  172. Her Prison, His Game (Patricia Elliott)
  173. Hunted (T.L. Payne)
  174. If I Can’t Have You (G.M. Lawrence)
  175. Implied Consent: A Maureen Gould Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  176. Integration (Stephen Edger)
  177. Intercepts: A Horror Novel (T.J. Payne)
  178. Kendra Clayton Mystery Box Set: The Company You Keep, Tangled Roots, Diva’s Last Curtain Call (Angela Henry)
  179. Knight’s Fall (Angela Henry)
  180. Knight’s Shade: A Xavier Knight Novel (Angela Henry)
  181. Little Girl Gone (Stephen Edger)
  182. Living Secrets (S.F. Baumgartner)
  183. Look Closer (Stephen Edger)
  184. Mirror Estate Series: Short Stories Collection Vol. 1-3 (S.F. Baumgartner)
  185. Murkmere (Patricia Elliott)
  186. No Man’s Land (T.L. Payne)
  187. No Surrender (T.L. Payne)
  188. No Turning Back (T.L. Payne)
  189. No Way Out (T.L. Payne)
  190. Schooled in Lies (Angela Henry)
  191. See You Fall (Gemma M. Lawrence)
  192. Seeking Hope (T.L. Payne)
  193. Seeking Justice (T.L. Payne)
  194. Shadow Line (Stephen Edger)
  195. Sly, Slick & Wicked (Angela Henry)
  196. Snapshot (Stephen Edger)
  197. Snatched (Stephen Edger)
  198. Sudden Chaos (T.L. Payne)
  199. Tangled Roots (Angela Henry)
  200. Targeted (Stephen Edger)
  201. The Company You Keep (Angela Henry)
  202. The Millionaire: A Maureen Gould Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  203. The Offering: A Dark Thriller Romance (Layla Moon)
  204. The Paris Secret (Angela Henry)
  205. The Perfect Affair (Angela Henry)
  206. The Sorrowful Girl: A Liam Barrett Gilded Age Novel (Keenan Powell)
  207. The Tiger Mom’s Tale (Lyn Liao Butler)
  208. Then He Was Gone (Stephen Edger)
  209. Till Death Do Us Part (Stephen Edger)
  210. Trespass (Stephen Edger)
  211. Turmoil (T.L. Payne)
  212. Upheaval (T.L. Payne)
  213. Uprising (T.L. Payne)
  214. What Is Mine: A Thriller (Lyn Liao Butler)
  215. A Lack of Motive (Stephen Penner)
  216. A Matrimonial Murder (Meeti Shroff-Shah)
  217. A Prosecutor for the Defense (Stephen Penner)
  218. Accomplice Liability (Stephen Penner)
  219. Alibi Defense (Stephen Penner)
  220. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (Stephen Penner)
  221. Blood Rite (Stephen Penner)
  222. Blood Runs Deep (Doug Sinclair)
  223. By Reason of Insanity (Stephen Penner)
  224. Capital Punishment (Stephen Penner)
  225. Case Theory (Stephen Penner)
  226. Corpus Delicti (Stephen Penner)
  227. David Brunelle Legal Thrillers: Vol 1-4 (Stephen Penner)
  228. David Brunelle Legal Thrillers: Vol 5-8 (Stephen Penner)
  229. Dead Man’s Hand (Brad Taylor)
  230. Dead Ringer: Three bodies. One killer. No motive (Robyn Nyx)
  231. Deadly Solution: A Maeve Malloy Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  232. Defense of Others (Stephen Penner)
  233. Devil’s Plea Bargain (Stephen Penner)
  234. Diminished Capacity (Stephen Penner)
  235. Foxholes (Travis Tougaw)
  236. Hell and High Water: A Maeve Malloy Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  237. Hemlock Needle: A Maeve Malloy Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  238. Highland Fling (Stephen Penner)
  239. Homicide in Berlin (Stephen Penner)
  240. Hoodoo Book of Spells for Beginners: Easy and Effective Rootwork, Conjuring, and Protection Spells for Healing and Prosperity (Layla Moon)
  241. Implied Consent: A Maureen Gould Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  242. Last Rite (Stephen Penner)
  243. Missing Witness (Stephen Penner)
  244. Necessity (Stephen Penner)
  245. Perimortem (R.J. Strong)
  246. Premeditated Intent (Stephen Penner)
  247. Presumption of Innocence (Stephen Penner)
  248. Scottish Rite (Stephen Penner)
  249. Shadow Work Journal and Workbook (Layla Moon)
  250. Shadows of Power: A Bitcoin Conspiracy Thriller (Phil Philips)
  251. Silent Witness (Forster Rebecca)
  252. Spirit Guides for Beginners: How to Hear the Universe’s Call and Communicate with Your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels (Layla Moon)
  253. Substantial Risk (Stephen Penner)
  254. Talon Winter Legal Thrillers, Box Set, Books 1-3 Collected (Stephen Penner)
  255. The Bad Weather Friend (Dean Koontz)
  256. The Friendship Club (Robyn Carr)
  257. The Fury (Alex Michaelides)
  258. The Longest Goodbye (Mari Hannah)
  259. The Millionaire: A Maureen Gould Legal Thriller (Keenan Powell)
  260. The Missing Witness (Allison Brennan)
  261. The Offering: A Dark Thriller Romance (Layla Moon)
  262. The Patient’s Secret (S.A. Falk)
  263. The Sorrowful Girl: A Liam Barrett Gilded Age Novel (Keenan Powell)
  264. Three Broken Bodies (Michelle Kidd)
  265. Tribal Court (Stephen Penner)
  266. Unbreakable: A Reverse Harem Romance (Maree Rose)
  267. Winter’s Duty (Stephen Penner)
  268. Winter’s Justice (Stephen Penner)
  269. Winter’s Law (Stephen Penner)
  270. Witchcraft and Self Care: 3 Books in 1 – How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guide, Powerful Hoodoo Spells, and Shadow Work for Self-Discovery (Layla Moon)
  271. Your Perfect Life (Victoria Jenkins)
  272. Genome (A.G. Riddle)
  273. Pandemic (A.G. Riddle)
  274. The Atlantis Gene (A.G. Riddle)
  275. The Atlantis Plague (A.G. Riddle)
  276. The Atlantis World (A.G. Riddle)
  277. The Lost Colony (A.G. Riddle)
  278. The Solar War (A.G. Riddle)
  279. Winter World (A.G. Riddle)
  280. An Old Score (Edie Baylis)
  281. Fallout (Edie Baylis)
  282. Finders Keepers (Edie Baylis)
  283. Judgement (Edie Baylis)
  284. Takeover (Edie Baylis)
  285. The Final Take (Edie Baylis)
  286. The Price of Betrayal (Edie Baylis)
  287. Trusting Blood (Edie Baylis)
  288. Vendetta (Edie Baylis)
  289. Vengeful Payback (Edie Baylis)
  290. A Killer’s Heart (Thomas Fincham)
  291. A Killer’s Mercy (Thomas Fincham)
  292. A Killer’s Mind (Thomas Fincham)
  293. A Killer’s Moon (Thomas Fincham)
  294. A Killer’s Shadow (Thomas Fincham)
  295. A Killer’s Soul (Thomas Fincham)
  296. A Killer’s Storm (Thomas Fincham)
  297. Close Your Eyes (Thomas Fincham)
  298. Cross Your Heart (Thomas Fincham)
  299. Fear Your Enemy (Thomas Fincham)
  300. Killing Them Gently (Thomas Fincham)
  301. Meet Your Maker (Thomas Fincham)
  302. Say Your Prayers (Thomas Fincham)
  303. Son of Simon (Thomas Fincham)
  304. The Blue Hornet (Thomas Fincham, Mobashar Qureshi)
  305. The Bridgeton Trilogy (Thomas Fincham)
  306. The Broken Mother (Thomas Fincham)
  307. The Crystal Towers (Thomas Fincham)
  308. The Dead Daughter (Thomas Fincham)
  309. The Falling Girl (Thomas Fincham)
  310. The Gone Sister (Thomas Fincham)
  311. The Guilty Spouse (Thomas Fincham)
  312. The Invisible Wife (Thomas Fincham)
  313. The Lee Callaway Boxed Set: Books 1 – 3 (Thomas Fincham)
  314. The Lonely Widow (Thomas Fincham)
  315. The Lost Twins (Thomas Fincham)
  316. The Missing Mistress (Thomas Fincham)
  317. The October Five (Thomas Fincham)
  318. The Paperboys Club (Thomas Fincham)
  319. The Reporter Series (Thomas Fincham, Mobashar Qureshi)
  320. The Rogue Reporter (Thomas Fincham)
  321. The Rose Blood (Thomas Fincham)
  322. The Rose Box Set: Books 1-4 (Thomas Fincham)
  323. The Rose Games (Thomas Fincham)
  324. The Rose Grave (Thomas Fincham)
  325. The Rose Tattoo (Thomas Fincham)
  326. The Rose Thorn (Thomas Fincham)
  327. The Rose Water (Thomas Fincham)
  328. The Runaway Reporter (Thomas Fincham)
  329. The Silent Reporter (Thomas Fincham)
  330. The Solaire Trilogy (Thomas Fincham)

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