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Live Deal: 2023 Great Fantasy New Writers: 55 Titles

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  • 2023 Great Fantasy New Writers: 55 titles 
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Titles Include:

  1. A Destiny of Dragons (T.J. Klune) 
  2. A Wish Upon the Stars (T.J. . Klune) 
  3. Autonomous (Annalee Newitz) 
  4. Blood Heir (Amélie Wen Zhao) 
  5. Brothersong (T.J. Klune) 
  6. Captive (Jex Lane) 
  7. Cold Magic (Kate Elliott)
  8. Cold Steel (Kate Elliott)
  9. Court of Fives (Kate Elliott)
  10. Crimson Reign (Amélie Wen Zhao) 
  11. Crisped + Sere (T.J. Klune)
  12. Crown of Stars (Kate Elliott) 
  13. Daughters of Oduma (Moses Ose Utomi)
  14. Flash Fire (T.J. Klune)
  15. For the Throne (Hannah Whitten) 
  16. For the Wolf (Hannah Whitten) 
  17. Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age (Annalee Newitz)
  18. How to Be a Normal Person (T.J. Klune) 
  19. Immortal Longing (Jax Garren) 
  20. In the Ruins (Kate Elliott) 
  21. King’s Dragon (Kate Elliott) 
  22. Last Violent Call (Chloe Gong) 
  23. Lovesong Part II (T.J. Klune) 
  24. Magic Binds (Ilona Andrews) 
  25. Magic Burns (Ilona Andrews) 
  26. Magic Rises (Ilona Andrews) 
  27. Magic Tides (Ilona Andrews) 
  28. Magic Triumphs (Andrews Ilona) 
  29. Murmuration (T.J. Klune) 
  30. Night Shift (Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin, Milla Vane) 
  31. Origins (Ilona Andrews)
  32. Our Violent Ends (Chloe Gong) 
  33. Ravensong (T.J. Klune)
  34. Red Tigress (Amélie Wen Zhao) 
  35. Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction (Newitz, Annalee) 
  36. Servant Mage (Kate Elliott) 
  37. Silver Shark (Ilona Andrews) 
  38. Song of Silver, Flame Like Night (Amélie Wen Zhao) 
  39. Spirits of Place (John Reppion, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis) 
  40. Sweep With Me (Ilona Andrews) 
  41. The Extraordinaries (T.J. Klune) 
  42. The Future of Another Timeline (Newitz Annalee)
  43. The Golden Key (Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, Kate Elliott)
  44. The House in the Cerulean Sea (T.J. Klune) 
  45. The Hunt for the Dragon King (Harrison McArthur)
  46. The Keeper’s Six (Kate Elliott) 
  47. The Lightning-Struck Heart (T.J. Klune) 
  48. The Magician’s Daughter (H. G. Parry) 
  49. The Terraformers (Annalee Newitz) 
  50. These Violent Delights (Chloe Gong) 
  51. Unconquerable Sun (Kate Elliott) 
  52. Under the Whispering Door (T.J. Klune) 
  53. Until You (T.J. Klune) 
  54. Who We Are (T.J. Klune)
  55. Wolfsong (T.J. Klune)

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